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What’s On Your Workbench?

People ask me what kind of gear I use at Retrovoltage and at Rain City Audio for projects. So, here we go: While it’s by no means the best-equipped workbench out there, it has a good mix of lab- and service-grade … Continue reading

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Tektronix 575 Mod 122C Curve Tracer Restoration Project – Part 1

A while back I picked up a Tektronix 575 Mod 122C transistor curve tracer from Craigslist and just started digging into it. With some encouragement from reader petepdx, I’ve started actually looking into fixing it up. (Click the photos for a much larger … Continue reading

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Collector or Bargain-Hunter? There are Craigslist deals out there.

If you’re like me and have a liking for vintage electronics, you’ll know that they turn up in a lot of places. Craigslist tends to be a pretty good spot for radios and even piles of tubes from time to … Continue reading

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Revitalize HP and Tek digital scopes with a NewScope LCD kit

I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to bother repairing my old HP 1222A oscilloscope which I’ve been using as a waveform monitor attached to the scope ports of my Sencore PA81 Stereo Power Amplifier Analyzer. It’s been … Continue reading

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New Toy: Tektronix 575 Transistor-Curve Tracer (Restoration Project)

I picked up a new shop toy just the other day, a Tektronix 575 Transistor-Curve Tracer. This is a piece of lab gear I’ll use to match transistors for their operating characteristics, and can also be used to analyze and … Continue reading

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Oscilloscopes – A Look Inside

Reader Brandy left a comment on my gift oscilloscope with a great cutaway infographic about how oscilloscopes are build from Tektronix. Check it out in full size here.

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