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Bad Caps in Everything

I just had a bit of a scare with my Audio Precision analyzer. The 2004-era Dell OptiPlex GX270 which drives the AP hardware decided it would refuse to power up – just flashing the “ON” light for a fraction of … Continue reading

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Hands On with the new Acer Chromebook 13

I was recently in the market for a new laptop to replace my aging ProBook 4415S. It was a middle of the road HP business laptop from 2009, and over the years I’d upgraded the RAM to 4GB and installed … Continue reading

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Screenshots from HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer via GPIB?

I’m wondering if anyone reading this might have some experience and could chime in. I’m trying to make my HP 3585A spectrum analyzer talk to my Windows XP laptop over GPIB (488.1) with a National Instruments PCMCIA-GPIB card. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Play Quake 1 on an Oscilloscope

Pekka Väänänen must have been bored over the holidays, as he came up with a fantastic and fascinating new use for an oscilloscope and a laptop: playing a round of Quake on his Hitachi V-422 scope in X-Y mode.   After … Continue reading

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Steampunk USB Vacuum Tube Flash Drives

I ran across these very cool steampunk-inspired USB flash drives drives built around a vacuum tube while looking for some tube shields. They look like they’re really well built and are a clever use of an old vacuum tube. I … Continue reading

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A neat discovery to add more storage to a laptop.

I acquired a few HP ProBook 4415s laptops which had been scrapped, and decided to rebuild them into working machines. I’ve been needing a new personal/media laptop for a bit, and these are capable little machines with an HDMI output … Continue reading

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HP ProBook 1415s Salvage Project

I recently came up with 3 mostly-stripped HP ProBook 1415s laptops that were being thrown out. They’re decent little machines – WXGA (720p) screens, dual-core AMD processors with decent onboard graphics and HDMI output. I have compatible laptop memory and … Continue reading

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