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The Awkward Engineer AWK-105 Analog Meter Clock

A few years back, I did a roundup of the various meter clock projects which were floating around the Internet those days. Some were really intricate: I’m a bit late to the party, as this came out a few years … Continue reading

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Old rocker complains about new technology

According to Rolling Stone, Neil Young is pulling his catalog from all streaming music services over complaints about the sound quality. I don’t see this impacting me personally since I don’t listen to him and indeed can’t even name a … Continue reading

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How Speakers Make Sound

If you’re looking for a great visual primer on how speakers convert electricity into the music you hear, check out this fantastic animated infographic by Jacob O’Neil at Animagraffs¬† How Speakers Make Sound

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DIY Replacements for Vintage Couplets and Printed Electric Circuits

Starting in the ’50s, they’d figured out how to start miniaturizing components. “Couplets” and “printed electric circuits” started showing up in equipment around then. These components were combinations of several resistors and capacitors in a single package. Like most components … Continue reading

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Friday Brain Dump [Random Thoughts]

A recent random assortment of ideas: It’s easy to get media content from a computer to a television, but it’s difficult to get any kind of external media back into a computer. I have a fairly involved computer setup at … Continue reading

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