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Would you look at that!

It’s pretty, but this 12BA6 tube has amplified for the last time. Vacuum failure has led to a gas intruding into the vacuum, and it makes a great light show when it’s being tested! As cool as it looks, this would cause … Continue reading

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New Bench Storage

Some pegboards, and wall mounting some parts bins, really cleaned up the benchtop!

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Antique Radio Shop near Kunming, Yunan, China

My friends over at Crimson Lotus Tea sent me this photo of an antique radio shop near Kunming, Yunan in China they ran into during a recent trip. They’re stacked to the ceiling in the shadows. Looks like a fun … Continue reading

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The Hewlett-Packard 5451A Fourier Analyzer

1972: the year launching the Space Shuttle program, the completion of the monument at Stone Mountain, Watergate, the first female FBI agents to join the force….and the new HP 5451A Fourier Analyzer, bringing unparalleled performance to the worlds of acoustic … Continue reading

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Can you say high ESR? [dead cap]

That’s right, 35 Ohms ESR. No surprise, every MIEC cap I’ve ever seen has been garbage.

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Bose® 901 Active Equalizer Series I #17118 Repaired

Cross-Posted from the Rain City Audio Repair Blog: This Bose® 901 Active Equalizer came in through the shop for the standard overhaul service. It was showing its age, as most of these equalizers from Series I and II will do … Continue reading

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Vintage Engineering is Beautiful

EL84 output tubes in an EICO HF-81 integrated stereo amplifier.

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Sometimes you just have to build it yourself.

When a vintage component network goes bad and you can’t exactly go down to the corner store and buy a Sprague TC-24 anymore, sometimes you just have to build a new replacement yourself.

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Marantz 2270 Stereophonic Receiver Overhaul

I just had a great stereo receiver through the shop for repairs, the Marantz 2270. It’s the big brother to the Marantz 2245 I had through the shop a little while ago – mostly the same front-end circuitry, but with … Continue reading

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Wherever you go – you’re headed for FUN with Motorola Portables

No matter where you’re going, you’re headed for more Fun with a Motorola Portable! They play anywhere – on their own batteries or on house current. You’ll like the dependable performance that comes from the ruggedly built chassis and shock-resistant … Continue reading

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