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Remember: Please Take the Workbench Survey!

I mentioned this a week ago, and will continue to do so through the new year – I’ve got a great set of responses so far but would love some more to make the data even more interesting! Do you … Continue reading

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Are Kids the Future of Ham Radio?

Bob K0NR has an alternate take on how to keep ham radio alive as many of its practitioners age up: For whatever reason, it seems that most people find themselves in a situation as an adult that causes them to say … Continue reading

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Electronics Repair Equipment Survey

Do you play with electronics as a hobby, are you a freelance repair technician, or do you work for an established repair shop? Take the Electronics Workbench Equipment Survey! Share a little bit about what equipment you regularly use to … Continue reading

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Vintage Engineering is Beautiful

EL84 output tubes in an EICO HF-81 integrated stereo amplifier.

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Interested In Some Do It Yourself Kits?

I’m looking at launching some easy to use kits of the most commonly needed parts, and maybe some helpful accessories and good instructions for the Bose 901 Series 1 and Series 2. No need to order the parts individually, just … Continue reading

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Refurbishing a Capacitance Tester

Parts Express sent me an advertisement for a $45 capacitance meter today. This actually a pretty good deal, and it’s a useful thing to have around if you’re doing electronics work. I’d probably have bought one myself, if I didn’t … Continue reading

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Meter Clock Roundup

Meter clocks are interesting works of geeky art that display the time using analog panel meters driven by a microcontroller. They can be strikingly artistic – and are getting to be very popular. There are a lot of homebrew designs … Continue reading

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