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1934 RCA Victor 119 Antique Radio Repair

I just finished a new project over at Rain City Audio – 1934 RCA Victor 119 Antique Radio Repair

An example of the 1939 RCA Model 119 radio made its way through my shop recently. I like RCA’s engineering – they were pioneers of radio and even their entry level models like this set had great performance. The styling is classic mid ’30s, too – great in almost any home….

Check it out at http://www.raincityaudio.us/blog/1934-rca-victor-119-antique-radio-repair! Continue reading

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Craigslist and eBay Antique Radios – Be Careful!

It’s not uncommon to run across antique or vintage radios on Craigslist, eBay and other sales site which are advertised as “working”, “repaired” or “restored”. Many times these are in fact professionally reconditioned items – just like you read about … Continue reading

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Partsim: Circuit Simulation Made Easy

I came across Partsim, a free and easy to use circuit simulator that runs in the web browser, and would definitely encourage you to check it out if you’re looking for a tool to design and simulate circuits.   It … Continue reading

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Overloaded 1931 Transformer [Fried Electronics]

I’m working on a 1930/31 Westinghouse WR-8 Columnaire clock-radio which had a bad transformer. The filter capacitors failed and shorted the high-voltage secondary, burning it open and causing a lot of heat and melting.   The replacement is a General … Continue reading

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Bad Capacitors Strike Again

I’m working on another Bose 901 Series 1 equalizer. It looks to be the same manufacturing run as the first one I wrote up last July, uses the same components, and those components look like they’ve had the same failure … Continue reading

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YAMR [Yet Another Monitor Repair] ViewSonic VP191b

A little while ago, I picked up a set of seven LCD monitors in various states of not working  to work on repairing and maybe eventually reselling. The first one was quite easy – it just needed a wire reconnected … Continue reading

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Westinghouse LCD Repair

After seeing the repair I made on the Samsung LCD monitor, a friend gave me a few-years-old Westinghouse LCD/TV that had quit working – it wouldn’t power on anymore. It’s a Westinghouse SK-19H210S, 19″ LCD accepting VGA or HDMI up … Continue reading

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Adventures in Dumpster Diving: Samsung 225BW LCD Repair

I found a Samsung 225BW LCD sitting on top of my apartment’s dumpster, and figured I’d drag it upstairs. It’s a few year old model but it’s better than the current older Dell LCD that I’ve been using (1680×1050 versus 1440×900). … Continue reading

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Fried Electronics: Netgear Gigabit Switch

I came into my office this morning and had no connectivity on any of my computers, or my desk phone that also works over an Ethernet connection. It didn’t take long to figure out why: After the third image, it … Continue reading

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Burned Up Aiphone

This is what happens when you connect the high level output of an audio amplifier, to an input designed to be hooked up to an MP3 player or other line level audio source. This Aiphone PA amplifier was incorrectly installed … Continue reading

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