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A Surprise in a Re-Stuffed Capacitor

I was recently re-stuffing some capacitors for a radio. It’s not something I do often, but I’ve accumulated a pile of pulled vintage caps over the years so I have some on hand if a customer requests the most detailed … Continue reading

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1957 Grundig 5060A High Fidelity Tube Radio

From Rain City Audio: German radios are considerably less common than U.S.-made radios from the same model years, but offer excellent performance and very beautiful styling. This Grundig 5060A from 1957 does just that, offering AM Broadcast, two Shortwave, and … Continue reading

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Bose® 901 Series II Active Equalizer #64364 Overhaul

This Series II Bose® Active Equalizer came through the shop. It had suffered age-related failures in its electrolytic capacitors, and the resistors had drifted with age and moisture to produce the wrong curves. Fortunately, it’s nothing some maintenance can’t solve! … Continue reading

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NOS Akai Vintage Stereo Setup Unboxing

A gentleman found a stack of vintage 1982 Akai stereo components in their original packaging, and takes us through a short unboxing and setup. It looks like he’s found a record player, equalizer, tape deck, tuner, and integrated amplifier. Can’t be … Continue reading

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Vintage Documentary: How Stereo Turntables Work

Documentary Tube on YouTube has digitized an excellent early video documentary discussing the newest hi-fi invention of the time: stereo! In this 4-minute video, the narrator compares mono with stereo recordings on vinyl. Worth checking out!

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Adding Capture to a Vintage Scanning Electron Microscope

Applied Science over at YouTube has a great video about adding a capture capabilities to a vintage scanning electron microscope, including some great videos of that instrument in action. Check it out:

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Sony TA-5650 Full Re-Cap and Adjustment

Cross-posted from the Rain City Audio Repair Blog: I recently got to work on another of the Sony VFET line of integrated amplifiers, the Sony TA-5650. I’ve had one through the shop previously, and this one came in for the … Continue reading

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