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Best IoT Dev Board?

I’m looking into getting started with my own IoT project — in my case, I’m interested in building a security system which takes a few different inputs into account – potentially including some ML image recognition – before deciding what … Continue reading

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For Sale? Or, Contributors?

Anyone interested in buying this domain to do something more interesting with it? I don’t really have any content that I’m interested in posting that’s unique to this site these days, everything goes over on the shop blog. Good name … Continue reading

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Auto-Sync Broke

Hmm. It looks like my blog’s Auto-Sync broke a long time ago, since it seems not to be cross-posting the shop blog entries anymore and hasn’t been for months. Now that I know there is a problem, I’ll consider doing … Continue reading

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Bose® Wave Radio AWR1-1W Repair

From the Rain City Audio Repair Blog: A Bose® Wave Radio, model AWR1-1W, just came through the shop for a repair. The radio had been working okay all these years but had recently stopped receiving any stations and instead was … Continue reading

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1938 General Electric G-56 Repair

From the Rain City Audio Repair Blog: Rain City Audio recently had the occasion to work on a 1938 GE radio, the model G-56. Since these are rather large floor model radios, the owner removed the chassis and speaker from … Continue reading

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Important Notice from Rain City Audio

Active Equalizer #111042, received 11/18 with no contact information or paperwork, will be held for 30 days in pending status ending at midnight on December 18th, 2016 before being considered abandoned and disposed.

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A Surprise in a Re-Stuffed Capacitor

I was recently re-stuffing some capacitors for a radio. It’s not something I do often, but I’ve accumulated a pile of pulled vintage caps over the years so I have some on hand if a customer requests the most detailed … Continue reading

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