Friday Link Roundup: March 11th, 2016

What’s good this week? Let’s see:

Mohammed Samji takes us through a hifi power conditioner supplying electricity to some very expensive B&W speakers. Interesting! [Part Time Audiophile]


Break something plastic? There’s a plastic welding kit for that. Looks like it could come in very handy for radio cabinet repairs, among other things. [GeekWire]


The Broadcast Law Blog takes us through some of the changes that are in the FCC’s proposed AM revitalization plan, including reducing the protections afforded to the historical Clear Channel stations to let more local and regional broadcasters in. Public comments end on March 21st! [Broadcast Law Blog]


Dave at EEVBlog gives a great overview about bypass capacitors. What are they, and why are they important? Worth watching. [EEVBlog]

Brian Dipert over at EDN tears down an Amazon Dash Button. There’s a surprising amount going on in such a small package. [EDN] Creative Electron takes it one step further and puts the Dash Button through an x-ray to see the inner layers, too. [Creative Electron]


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2 Responses to Friday Link Roundup: March 11th, 2016

  1. David DeRosier says:

    The article about AM Radio is interesting. I hope the keep the analog format for us Antique Radio Collectors. The present Digital format only creates more Interference.

    • jwk says:

      I heard that often, although I’ve never experienced HD sideband interference on AM myself. I almost never listen to AM radio for any reason other than testing a vintage radio, though, so maybe I’m just lucky in that regard.

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