Special Write-Ups

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2 Responses to Special Write-Ups

  1. Daniel J Byrd says:

    I have a question about my bose series. 1 eq.the transformer is bad what do i replace it with?

    • jwk says:

      I used the Tamura 3FD-336 (available from Mouser) as a replacement. It’s not quite a drop-in — you’ll have to potentially drill a couple new holes on the board — but it works well electrically.

      It has a dual primary and dual secondary, so for a 120V application, the two primaries are connected in parallel in phase with each other, and the two secondaries are connected in series, with the connection point of the two secondaries becoming the center-tap which connects to ground on the equalizer.

      It’s been a bit, so be sure to double check the data sheet for the transformer, and of course follow any instructions you’ve read here or elsewhere at your own risk.

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