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Reviewing the Gemtune APPJ PA1501A 6AD10 Stereo Tube Amplifier

I recently picked up an interesting little tube amp via a group buy on Massdrop, the Gemtune APPJ PA1501A stereo tube amplifier. Try saying that three times fast! It’s a cute little single-ended stereo tube amp using a pair of 6AD10 … Continue reading

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Hands On with the Antumbra Glow

Remember a few years ago how Philips paired one of their flat-panel TVs with some image processing and colored glow tubes along the sides to make your video blend into the wall behind it? I was always fascinated by the … Continue reading

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New Test Equipment Day!

I’ve added a new analysis system to my stereo bench…the Audio Precision System One. Amplifier measurements just got a whole lot more precise.

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Want an Acer Chromebook? They’re really cheap right now on eBay.

Back in June, I’d picked up an Acer Chromebook CB5-311 from Amazon. At the time, it was $377 for a pretty high-end machine with 12+ hours of battery life, a quad-core nVidia Tegra CPU and Kepler GPU with 4GB of RAM … Continue reading

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New Toy: HP 130C Oscilloscope

I’ve been looking for a nice balanced input oscilloscope to use as a bench audio scope for a bit, and I do enjoy some vintage test equipment…so I recently ended up with an HP 130C oscilloscope. This early ’60s tube … Continue reading

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Steampunk USB Vacuum Tube Flash Drives

I ran across these very cool steampunk-inspired USB flash drives drives built around a vacuum tube while looking for some tube shields. They look like they’re really well built and are a clever use of an old vacuum tube. I … Continue reading

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New Toy: LogiMetrics 921A RF Signal Generator – Refurbished by KISS Electronics

I just had an unexpected run-in with Murphy’s Law and found myself needing a modulated signal generator in short order. Bad news when my modulated signal generators decided to die right when I went to perform an alignment! My Leader Standard … Continue reading

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