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What’s On Your Workbench?

People ask me what kind of gear I use at┬áRetrovoltage and at Rain City Audio for projects. So, here we go: While it’s by no means the best-equipped workbench out there, it has a good mix of lab- and service-grade … Continue reading

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Fun with the HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer

I spent some time playing around with one of my HP 3585A spectrum analyzers over the weekend to get a feel for its capabilities. While it’s only good from 20 Hz – 40 MHz, it’s a very capable tool within … Continue reading

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New Toy: LogiMetrics 921A RF Signal Generator – Refurbished by KISS Electronics

I just had an unexpected run-in with Murphy’s Law and found myself needing a modulated signal generator in short order. Bad news when my modulated signal generators decided to die right when I went to perform an alignment!┬áMy Leader Standard … Continue reading

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