Archived Projects

Pre-2014-mostly projects:

SSTran Kit Build (2/21/2016)


Earlier projects:

Bose 901 Active Equalizer #111058 (4/16/2014)

Bose Model 800 Active Equalizer #011025 (4/9/2014)

Bose 901 Series I Active Equalizer #30924 Repaired (3/18/2014)

Bose 901 Series II Active Equalizer #120325 (3/13/2014)

Bose Active Equalizer #20262 (3/4/2014)

Bose 901 Series I Early Production Equalizer (2/24/2014)

1970 Ohm Acoustics Model D Speakers (2/21/2014)

1977 Yamaha CR-2020 Natural Sound Hi-Fi Receiver (1/26/2014)

Bose 901 Active Equalizer #48830 (1/8/2013)

Bose 901 Early Production Series I Active Equalizer #1056 (12/20/2013)

2001 JVC XV-S60 Digital Direct Progressive DVD Player (12/16/2013)

Bose 901 Series I Active Equalizer #50911 (12/2/2013)

Bose 901 Series I Early Production Active Equalizer #11949 (11/30/2013)

Bose 901 Series I Active Equalizer #47431 (11/19/2013)

Bose 901 Series I Active Equalizer #31345 (11/15/2013)

Bose 901 Series II #95007 (10/13/2013)

Bose 901 Series II #96399 (9/3/2013)

Bose 901 Series 1 #31131 (8/17/2013)

Bose 901 Series 1 #29827 (2/21/2013)

Bose 901 Series 1 #35793 (2/15/2013)

Jamo MPA-101 50W x 2 Stereo Amplifier (2/11/2013)

Bose 901 Series 1 Equalizer Deux (11/16/2012)

1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 Air Bag Diagnostic Computer (8/13/2012)

1971 Bose 901 Series 1 Active Equalizer (7/25/2012)

Dell Inspiron 1545 LCD Screen Replacement (6/22/2012)

Mable Audio VT-86PP Hi-Fi Kit Amplifier (3/30/2012)

Viewsonic VP-191b LCD Monitor Rework (9/24/2011)

Digital Windows – COTS Telepresence (8/31/2011)

Westinghouse SK-19H201S LCD Television (8/28/2011)

Samsung 225BW LCD Monitor (8/22/2011)

Sansui SP2500 Crossovers (4/5/2011)

1931 Westinghouse WR-8 Columaire Clock Radio (4/14/2014)

1946 Zenith 6-D-029 Consoltone (4/7/2014)

1940 Philco 40-185XF (4/2/2014)

1938 Zenith 5-S-220 (3/26/2014)

1939 RCA K-60 Console Radio (3/5/2014)

1945 Westinghouse “Little Jewel” Refrigerator Radio H-126 (2/18/2014)

1962 Zenith MK2670 Classic Hi-Fi Stereo Console (2/15/2014)

1948 Motorola 99-FM21 (12/22/2013)

1936 Zenith Model 5-S-29 (12/12/2013)

1936 GE Model A-52 (11/22/2013)

1954 Philips 778-2 Custom (10/22/2013)

1931 Westinghouse Columaire WR-8 (7/11/2013)

1934 Philco 66B (5/28/2013)

1934 Silvertone 1708A (4/17/2013)

1934 Grunow 460 (1/19/2013)

1950 RCA 9X561 (10/29/2012)

1934 Simplex Model P Dual Band (6/27/2012)
Featured on Hack a Day!

1951 Farnsworth K-262P (6/24/2012)

1938 Philco 38-C-12 (6/19/2012)

1936 Grunow 566 Radio (3/10/2012)

1936 Grunow 566 Radio Link to Story

1937 Grunow 588 Teledial Radio (3/3/2012)

1951 Firestone 4-B-31 “The Roamer” Car Radio

1937 General Electric F-135

1937 Grunow 589 Number Two

1942 General Electric LF-116

John Vassos RCA Globetrotter A-20 (1940)

Private Label Re-Branding of 1935 Mission Bell Model 35

1960 Hornyphon Attache 61 (W360A)

1953 Hallicrafters 8R40 Run 2 Communications Receiver

1935 Grunow Model 589 (Grunow Chassis 5U)

1963 GE Musaphonic T-210B

1940 Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG


17 Responses to Archived Projects

  1. Love seeing your wonderful work. I have a General Electric H-116 in great shape and works like a dream. I replaced the magic eye. I would like to tune the buttons to my locale stations. How does one get the information to tune these buttons” Thank you for your time.


    • jwk says:

      Great question. There are two types of pushbutton arrangements: one is a mechanical linkage which physically uses a lever to move the tuning capacitor; another uses an assortment of coils with permanently adjustable capacitors to form tuned circuits for ANT and OSC for each station you wish to have as a preset.

      If pushing the buttons makes the dial move, you’d need to find the manufacturer’s service literature for instructions; it can be somewhat complex. If they’re the electrical preset type, look for a bank of adjustment screws. Usually on the back or behind the pushbuttons themselves. Adjust the OSC screw which tunes the station until you’re receiving what you want; adjust the ANT screw for maximum volume. Often, the tuning range of each button preset is limited due to the coil construction, so some buttons could have stations say 540-1000 and others 1000-1600 for example. Trial and error required.

      Good luck!

  2. Harold Melton says:

    Hi I have a Stromberg Carlson Radio Receiver no. 520L I would love to get this restored…seems to be in good shape….I replaced the power cord and pluged it in …one tube sparked a little then wouldn’t light up after that the rest seem to be ok. Who would I take this to to get it repaired….. I live in North Vernon Indiana.

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  5. Wayne Warner says:

    Do you have a list of antique radio repair people around Springfield, Missouri? Thanks.

  6. Tiago Castro says:

    Hi name is Tiago Castro and I’m from Portugal. I actually have an old radio (model: atlanta loewe opta 3990t ) and I would like to know how much it would be it’s market value in the current days.

    I appreciate any coments on my post and i thank you for any help you could give me.

    Thanks, Tiago Castro

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  9. brenda says:

    hi. i have a grunow model no. 1067 and a firestone air chief. im not sure on the years. i havent had time to really check them out yet but i will. do you know anyone who may be interested in purchasing them? they are in montana. thank you brenda

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  12. jwk says:

    Hi Greg, I’d love to help research that. I’ll be following up with you via e-mail shortly. Thanks for your comment!

  13. Greg Lush says:

    Hi, I have an old Stromberg-Carlson console radio receiver no. 61-N that was given to me years ago not in very good shape, certainly not working but that appears to be all there. Do you think that if I sent you some pictures you could tell me anything about it?


  14. jwk says:

    Hi Steven, thank you for your interest. I’ve replied via e-mail with some information regarding my repair services. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  15. steven delf says:

    Ive got a 1937 grunow model589 was wondering what cost might be to restore I now absolutly nothing about this unit maybe could send you chassis while I restore cabinet

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