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Watch a McIntosh Tube Amp Come to Life

Discovery’s How It’s Made shows us how a McIntosh vacuum tube audio amplifier comes to life: Definitely worth watching!

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Modern Hand Made Vacuum Tubes

Enterprising French amateur Claude Paillard , F2FO, creates beautiful modern vacuum tubes by hand in his shop. These would be effective as an 01A replacement or similar in an early radio. It’s a real work of art. Check it out!

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Steampunk USB Vacuum Tube Flash Drives

I ran across these very cool steampunk-inspired USB flash drives drives built around a vacuum tube while looking for some tube shields. They look like they’re really well built and are a clever use of an old vacuum tube. I … Continue reading

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1936 Zenith 5-S-29 Electrical Restoration and Alignment

This 1936 Zenith 5-S-29 was in the shop for a complete overhaul with all new resistors and capacitors, a new dial lamp socket, tube testing and alignment. After all that service, it looks and sounds fantastic and is going to last for a long time to come in a local collection.

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Check it out at Rain City Audio Continue reading

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1937 Detrola 139E Vintage Radio Repair

I just finished a new project over at Rain City Audio – 1937 Detrola 139E Vintage Radio Repair

This Detrola 139E chassis was on my bench recently while the cabinet was being refinished. It’s a striking 1937 radio with an art deco stationized dial with a very large tuning area, and even though it only has 5 radio tubes, it’s a great performer. I replaced the rectifier tube and rebuilt the electronics of the radio followed by testing and an alignment; now it’s very selective and will be a safe and reliable appliance for someone’s home.

Check it out at http://www.raincityaudio.us/blog/1937-detrola-139e-vintage-radio-repair! Continue reading

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Oregon Electronic Model A3 Variable Voltage Regulated Power Supply

Here’s another project I just finished at Rain City Audio:

This vacuum tube power supply from an engineer’s test bench can replace a radio or test circuit’s power supply to help with troubleshooting or experiments, with up to 400V for B+ and 6.3V 5A for the heaters. It needed some new capacitors, then fired right up and works perfectly! Continue reading

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1931 Westinghouse WR-8 Columaire Antique Radio Repair

I recently got to work on another beautifully reconditioned Westinghouse WR-8 Columaire radio all the way from Bellingham. It was originally in for service with the SPARK Museum, but the repair technician reportedly suffered some health complications and was unable to … Continue reading

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