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Antenna Distribution for AM Radios

I’ve had a few questions come my way about antenna distribution systems for AM radios, specifically to connect something like a large attic antenna to multiple radios at once. There’s a lot out there designed for VHF/UHF or CATV signals, … Continue reading

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Extracting Screenshots from the HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer

I’ve posted a few times about my HP 3585A spectrum analyzers over the past several months, and after chipping away at the problem I’ve finally solved the screenshots issue! It boiled down to a bad GPIB cable for my National … Continue reading

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How Speakers Make Sound

If you’re looking for a great visual primer on how speakers convert electricity into the music you hear, check out this fantastic animated infographic by Jacob O’Neil at Animagraffs¬† How Speakers Make Sound

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Getting Started With Vintage Radio and Electronics: Basic Tools for the Hobbyist

A few people have asked me variations of ¬†“What tools do I need to fix my first radio?”, “What do I need to put together this soldering kit?”, and such. It’s not as simple as you might think. There’s a … Continue reading

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Parts of a Vintage Radio – Middle Tube Era

Photos with parts diagrams of a vintage tube radio – the Crosley 10-139, from about the middle of the tube era. Click each photo for full size.  

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