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Vintage Engineering is Beautiful [’70s TV]

’70s Industrial Modern Television in Custom Enclosure

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Bad Capacitors Strike Again

I’m working on another Bose 901 Series 1 equalizer. It looks to be the same manufacturing run as the first one I wrote up last July, uses the same components, and those components look like they’ve had the same failure … Continue reading

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Westinghouse LCD Repair

After seeing the repair I made on the Samsung LCD monitor, a friend gave me a few-years-old Westinghouse LCD/TV that had quit working – it wouldn’t power on anymore. It’s a Westinghouse SK-19H210S, 19″ LCD accepting VGA or HDMI up … Continue reading

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Adventures in Dumpster Diving: Samsung 225BW LCD Repair

I found a Samsung 225BW LCD sitting on top of my apartment’s dumpster, and figured I’d drag it upstairs. It’s a few year old model but it’s better than the current older Dell LCD that I’ve been using (1680×1050 versus 1440×900). … Continue reading

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Burned Up Aiphone

This is what happens when you connect the high level output of an audio amplifier, to an input designed to be hooked up to an MP3 player or other line level audio source. This Aiphone PA amplifier was incorrectly installed … Continue reading

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Cost Engineering in 2011

While the power transformer in my previous post may have lasted for years, it ultimately still succumbed to poor design and the transformer is widely regarded as a weak point in Zenith sets. Cost engineering to pick the exact right … Continue reading

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Cost Engineering in the 1930s

It looks like cost engineering was already happening back in the 1930s: In the foreground, the destroyed original power transformer from the 1939 Zenith 7-S-363 radio; the rear, an equivalently rated replacement built in October 2010 by Edcor Transformer. In order … Continue reading

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