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1939-1941 Stromberg-Carlson Dial Stringing Diagrams

I’m recently the proud owner of a copy of the original dial-stringing guides for several Stromberg-Carlson radios from 1939-1941. This information is extremely hard to come by – it wasn’t included with the original engineering/service data, nor is it anywhere … Continue reading

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Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG: After Action Report

My Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG (previous parts 1 2) is finally finished! The radio came out ahead of my expectations, even, and was delivered to its new home yesterday where I expect it will continue to serve for years to come. See … Continue reading

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Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG Nearing Completion

My current main project, refurbishing my Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG radio (which has been a fair amount of fun so far) is nearing completion. I’ve just completed an IF alignment, which greatly improved the sound quality and volume and general performance. Radios … Continue reading

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Old Radio Detective Work

I’m still working on my 1941 Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG and am running into a few new problems I’ve never come across before. Back in the era of tube radios, everything was¬†serviceable¬†on a component level and most people had enough aptitude and … Continue reading

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Seeking Information: 1941 Stromberg-Carlson 520 Radio

If anyone reading this has information about a Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG from 1941, I would appreciate if you contacted me. I’ve been trying to find a photo of one that someone else owns, or even a picture of one in a … Continue reading

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