Seeking Information: 1941 Stromberg-Carlson 520 Radio

If anyone reading this has information about a Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG from 1941, I would appreciate if you contacted me. I’ve been trying to find a photo of one that someone else owns, or even a picture of one in a printed advertisement, to help determine how it needs to be refinished – but as far as my research has indicated, I might have the only documented example of this model.

The Radiomuseum doesn’t have any more information than I do (in fact, those are my photos on their site). There’s nothing in the Radio Attic Archives, a huge collection of photos of restored radios from all different models. The Antique Radio Forum gallery of Stromberg Carlson radios has a bare chassis photo of another model in the 520 family. And even “Made in Rochester“, a site dedicated to a lot of S-C audio equipment, has only the scanned engineering data. A fellow radio collector has identified it as having a highly desirable Ingraham cabinet, which is a plus.

There’s this ad, showing the 520-PL which has the chassis mounted under a hinge in the top, and the record player is accessed from above:

Another radio enthusiast on the board found a 520-J which uses the same chassis but in a tabletop format, that’s the closest I’ve found so far:

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7 Responses to Seeking Information: 1941 Stromberg-Carlson 520 Radio

  1. Audrey says:

    I found one in a thrift store just recently. The cabinet is in great condition and the fabric in front of the speakers is 95% intact. The turntable does not work and I get no sound, but the tubes do light up. I am not very mechanical so will be looking for someone to take a look at the “guts” and help me bring it back to life.

    • jwk says:

      Hi Audrey, great find – these are pretty rare! Be careful not to turn it on again until it’s been serviced or it could be badly damaged. In all honesty, the changer is probably not worth the effort. While nice for the time period, the Webster-Chicago changer still only plays 78s. I believe the unit has a standard RCA plug on the back and a power socket on the rear of the chassis; it would be an easy swap for a more modern turntable which will deliver much better results.

      If you’re willing to ship the chassis and speaker, contact me over at; otherwise depending where you’re located there might be a local contact who could help fix your radio as well.

  2. thomas larochelle says:

    i have the same one it all here powers up needs littel tinkering
    and to be refinished would love to find a good home for it

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  6. joe says:

    I don’t know that much about the value of these radios, but refinishing “antiques” is a great way to significantly decrease the value. You might want to get an experts opinion before you do anything. It;s a beautiful piece. Good luck.

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