Antique Capacitor Color Code Chart

I’m working on restoring another radio, and it has antique capacitors with color code markings that are different from the commonly used 3-digit codes found today. It took a bit of searching to find a good chart with these, so I’m making another copy of this scan available so more people will be able to see it.

Some photos of the antique capacitors, they can be quite colorful.

The reference below:

This one looks like a 6-segment capacitor but it is in fact only a 3-segment display capacitor, and a tolerance value. They went for the cheaper marking option. Which means it’s Violet-Green-Black, 75×10 = 75 pF capacitance. The second is a bit harder to read as due to wear from heat the paint has chipped, but a faint bit of black remains giving Green-Black-Red, 50×100 = 5000 pF capacitance. From looking at the schematic, it’s possible to determine the value of the other capacitor (which is 700 pF) because we’ve eliminated the one it isn’t even though all the paint is chipped off.

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2 Responses to Antique Capacitor Color Code Chart

  1. it is realy great to see someone beside my self that enjoys elderly electronics (the p.c. description of antique)as I am older than most of the stuff they call “historical”.

  2. Eloy Ashton Heras says:

    Thanks from Amarillo- Always enjoy Electronic techs out there that enjoy this hobby-

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