1939-1941 Stromberg-Carlson Dial Stringing Diagrams

I’m recently the proud owner of a copy of the original dial-stringing guides for several Stromberg-Carlson radios from 1939-1941. This information is extremely hard to come by – it wasn’t included with the original engineering/service data, nor is it anywhere else on the web. Back in February when I was starting to restore a SC 520-PG for gift, I was looking for this dial-stringing information. With the help of a fellow radio collector Jody, I was able to come up with a photocopy of the original service data sheet. In six months of intensive searching and consulting every collector’s resource I know of, he was the only one able to help. Most other collectors and hobbyists, including several who were around when they were making these new, didn’t believe the data was ever published in the first place so I’m quite excited to be able to share it here.

I’m making these available free of charge to any collector or hobbyist who can use them, in the hope they’ll save someone the amount of frustration I had to go through to get my 520 dial restrung without a guide. So, without further delay, here they are:

These diagrams obviously cover the Stromberg-Carlson models 519, 520, 512, 522 and 523. If you have any other dial stringing guides to add to this page, I’d love to have them!

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1 Response to 1939-1941 Stromberg-Carlson Dial Stringing Diagrams

  1. Mike DeMeo says:

    Looking for the dial stringing for a Stromberg Carlson 535m No luck yet!

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