Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG: After Action Report

My Stromberg-Carlson 520-PG (previous parts 1 2) is finally finished! The radio came out ahead of my expectations, even, and was delivered to its new home yesterday where I expect it will continue to serve for years to come. See these in-progress photos, or jump to the bottom for the “after” picture!

The radio was fairly beat up when I found it – dirty, scratches, missing the speaker cloth, and completely original electrically.

After assessing the condition of the coils and transformers, it was time to mount the chassis to the bench and start the real work.

After replacing pretty much everything that needed replaced or probably would soon, the radio was back to full electrical integrity and ready for alignment:

Alignment completed, it was time to work on the cabinet:

And, at last, time to re-cover the speaker and reinstall! The final results:

It plays beautifully on line input, and picked up distant AM and Shortwave broadcasts (including Radio Australia, a Russian CW and an Entertainment station, Japanese music, English-language religious programming, and a Cuban broadcast. Now, it’s on to the next project!