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Before and After: GE Musaphonic T-210B Radio

I recently got around to fixing up my GE Musaphonic T-210B, a relatively nice tabletop tube radio from 1963. It has two medium-sized speakers, AM and FM with automatic frequency correction with 8 tubes. When I was a very young … Continue reading

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Don’t like 3D, but still want to watch 3D movies in the theater?

There’s a fix for that! I don’t like 3D movies. I can feel the amount of work my eyes are doing to focus on the movie the instant I put them on, and it gets tiring after only a few … Continue reading

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Newest Old Radio: a 1920s Battery Set, the Dayfan OEM-7

A new addition to my collection arrived today. I’ve been reading the Elements of Radio to learn radio theory the way it was taught in the 1930s and 1940s, and many of the reference circuits in the book are the … Continue reading

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Gmail Aliases for Better Email Organization

Gmail has an interesting characteristic that falls somewhere between “really cool feature” and “strange parsing bug”, depending on how you want to look at it. Whatever the underlying cause, the end result is that you can create custom aliases to … Continue reading

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Fire at the Seattle Housing Authority

Around 1:30PM today, the top floor of the Seattle Housing Authority’s senior housing building Green Lake Plaza caught fire. Smoke was pouring from two windows and from the top of the stairwell, the green building behind the church. Firefighters quickly … Continue reading

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Don’t Bother Buying a Verizon MiFi.

You’ll just be disappointed. Very, very disappointed. My job responsibilities include managing a cloud of about 50 servers that host an enterprise SaaS application. Naturally, this requires that I be available to take emergency calls and deal with them from … Continue reading

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Repairing Antique Radio Electrics from Start to Finish (5) – Grunow 589

Update: The series is complete. For more articles and information, visit these other posts: Part 1: Identification and Task List Part 2: Intake Checks Part 3: Capacitor Replacement Part 4: Resistors and Controls Part 5: First Power-Up Part 6: Socket … Continue reading

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