I saw this interesting set of speakers on Craigslist, but they sold quickly before I could investigate. They’re the DBX SFX-10s. There’s a very interesting article about their design in the May 1990 issue of The BAS Speaker, the publication of the Boston Audio Society which goes into quite a bit of detail, but the long and short of it is that they’re a pair of speakers designed to provide a fully omnidirectional sound field – and in the paper, there are polar plots to show they did a great job of it.




These are another uncommon design of an active-equalized speaker, similar to the Bose 901, EV Interface, and an early McIntosh line. Has anyone experienced these before? If you own a set, I’d be interested in studying the Soundfield Imaging Controller in my shop; I’d pay shipping to borrow it for a week or two and hook it up to my Audio Precision System One to see what it does.

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5 Responses to DBX SFX-10

  1. Sam Cochrane says:

    JWK – were you successful in getting your hands on a controller for the SF-10? Im interested in what you determined. More specifically, Im interested in the big brother to the SF-10, the SF-1A and its controller; I want a controller but cant find one. Id build one if I could find the plans.
    Anyway, keeps safe.
    SC, Burlington, VT

    • jwk says:

      I do actually have one on hand, but haven’t had a chance to test it yet, and my Audio Precision analyzer appears to be having some issues. (Power supply related.) So no updates to speak of on this one, but still on the table.

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