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Sometimes you just have to build it yourself.

When a vintage component network goes bad and you can’t exactly go down to the corner store and buy a Sprague TC-24 anymore, sometimes you just have to build a new replacement yourself.

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DIY Replacements for Vintage Couplets and Printed Electric Circuits

Starting in the ’50s, they’d figured out how to start miniaturizing components. “Couplets” and “printed electric circuits” started showing up in equipment around then. These components were combinations of several resistors and capacitors in a single package. Like most components … Continue reading

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Bose 901 Series 1 Equalizer Repair (Deux)

A client recently engaged me to repair his Bose 901 Series 1 equalizer. This second one was in a bit worse shape electrically than the previous one I’ve written about, with one channel entirely dead and scratchy switches. I received … Continue reading

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