Revitalize HP and Tek digital scopes with a NewScope LCD kit

I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to bother repairing my old HP 1222A oscilloscope which I’ve been using as a waveform monitor attached to the scope ports of my Sencore PA81 Stereo Power Amplifier Analyzer. It’s been run hard over its lifetime from the looks of it, and the CRT is so dim now that with brightness turned all the way up to maximum, you can just barely see the trace if you shield it from external light. It’s an older model, from the late ’70s, but it makes a good audio scope.

While a replacement CRT seems hard to come by, I did stumble across an interesting solution for some of the later digital display oscilloscopes and analyzers: the Simmconn Labs NewScope modules! I’m not affiliated with them at all, but it looks like an interesting product that could preserve a lot of the highly reliable digital gear which just happens to be old and have worn out display sections.


They’re really interesting upgrade modules, which add color and clarity to the old display screens, and have some other interesting features like saving traces, etc. which may not have been available on earlier models. These come in several models, designed to work with:

  • 3577A, 3577B Network Analyzer
  • 3562A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • 3563A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • 8756A Scalar Network Analyzer
  • 4145A, 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
  • 8566A, 8566B Spectrum Analyzer
  • 8568A, 8568B Spectrum Analyzer
  • 8567A Spectrum Analyzer
  • 8753A, 8753B Network Analyzer
  • 8757A Scalar Network Analyzer
  • 8702A Lightwave Component Analyzer
  • 8720A Network Analyzer

And some Tektronix scopes, too:

  • TDS 520A 540A 620A 640A
  • TDS 520B 540B 620B 680B
  • TDS 520C 540C 580C 680C
  • TDS 520D 540D 580D
  • TDS 644A 644B 654C
  • TDS 684A 684B 684C 694C
  • TDS 724A 724C 724D 714L
  • TDS 744A 754C 754D
  • TDS 784A 784C 784D 794D

Worth checking out if you’re in the market!

[NewScope LCD Modules]

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