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Bose 901 Series 1 Active Equalizer #46453 Repair

Cross-posted from the Rain City Audio Repair Blog: Another Bose® 901 Series I Active Equalizer came through the ship, Serial #46453. It came in with a variety of issues, just not sounding like it used to, and the owner requested … Continue reading

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EICO Stereophonic Integrated Amplifier HF-81 Repair

From the late ’50s, I had this nice example of an EICO HF-81 amplifier come through my shop. These are nice little stereo amplifiers with a built-in phono pre-amp and RIAA equalization and feature about 14W of power output per … Continue reading

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Marantz 2270 Stereophonic Receiver Overhaul

I just had a great stereo receiver through the shop for repairs, the Marantz 2270. It’s the big brother to the Marantz 2245 I had through the shop a little while ago – mostly the same front-end circuitry, but with … Continue reading

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Vintage Engineering is Beautiful

1972 Marantz 2270 AM Radio Module – Rebuilt with Nichicon Fine Gold audiophile grade capacitors.

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Harmony H500 Solid State Guitar Amplifier Repair

And now for something a little different, this time it’s a vintage guitar amplifier: the Harmony H500. The owner sent it to the shop out of the cabinet to be serviced since it quit putting out any sound. It’s a … Continue reading

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1936 FADA 270T Vintage Table Radio Repair

This FADA 270T radio which came through the shop lately was a beautiful, very high end radio back in 1936. It has a huge airplane dial with dual-speed tuning and a magic eye indicator, and a beautifully organized under-chassis layout. Repair was pretty straightforward with a few surprises at the very end, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. Click through to read more – there’s dozens of detailed, colorful photos of antique resistors and the magic tuning eye.

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Check it out at Rain City Audio Continue reading

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Now for Sale: Westinghouse H-126 Little Jewel “Refrigerator” Capacitor Replacement Kits

Rain City Audio is proud to announce a new product offering: capacitor repair kits for the Westinghouse H-126 Little Jewel / “Refrigerator” Antique Radio!

This repair kit contains the most commonly needed parts to refurbish your Westinghouse H-126 Little Jewel / Refrigerator radio. You’ll receive 13 modern, high quality replacement film and electrolytic capacitors to bring your radio up to full performance. Take the guesswork out of fixing your own collectible model of Little Jewel, and save the hassle of using a parts site like Digi-Key,  and order a kitted set of parts that’s ready to replace.

Included in this kit:

1 x 0.001 uF (You’ll receive 0.001 uF)
1 x 0.2 uF (You’ll receive 0.22 uF)
2 x 0.04 uF (You’ll receive 0.047 uF)
1 x 0.005 uF (You’ll receive 0.0047 uF)
1 x 0.025 uF (You’ll receive 0.022 uF)
2 x 0.01 uF (You’ll receive 0.01 uF)
1 x 0.1 uF (You’ll receive 0.1 uF)
1 x 0.1 uF Continue reading

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