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Adding Capture to a Vintage Scanning Electron Microscope

Applied Science over at YouTube has a great video about adding a capture capabilities to a vintage scanning electron microscope, including some great videos of that instrument in action. Check it out:

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Creek 4140 S2 Overhaul and Voltage Conversion

From the Rain City Audio Repair Blog: This Creek 4140 S2 amplifier is a bit newer than most through the shop, although it’s getting up there. This particular one was constructed in 1989, and came via eBay from the UK … Continue reading

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New Test Equipment Day!

I’ve added a new analysis system to my stereo bench…the Audio Precision System One. Amplifier measurements just got a whole lot more precise.

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1963 Fisher FM-100-B Stereo FM Tuner Overhaul

Cross-posted from the Rain City Audio repair blog: Something a bit unusual came through the shop recently, an old tube-type Fisher FM-100-B Stereo FM tuner. Anyone who knows classic tube audio knows Fisher, and the FM-100-B sure lives up to … Continue reading

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BoseĀ® 901 Series II #101043 Repaired

Cross-posted from the Rain City Audio repair blog: Another BoseĀ® 901 Series II Active Equalizer came into the shop recently for a full overhaul. These equalizers are getting pretty old and even if they power up and pass some sound, … Continue reading

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T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

T-Mobile recently re-introduced Wifi Calling to their entire line-up of phones, and have made a pretty big deal about it. And on paper, I can see why – no more worrying about cellular dead zones, and you can take your … Continue reading

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Revitalize HP and Tek digital scopes with a NewScope LCD kit

I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to bother repairing my old HP 1222A oscilloscope which I’ve been using as a waveform monitor attached to the scope ports of my Sencore PA81 Stereo Power Amplifier Analyzer. It’s been … Continue reading

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