Vintage Schematic Mistakes

Every once in a while, you run into places where a drafting tech made some mistakes on the schematics. This one was a Philco 42-360 radio, which has the wrong tube called out in the tube line-up vs. the schematic.

The actual radio uses an 84/6Z4 rectifier tube, but the tube line-up shows a 5Y4 in its place. These would definitely not work if substituted.

It’s pretty common to find drafting mistakes. Another Philco, wired per the schematic, had no B+ on the detector/1st AF tube. The Sam’s Photofact of the EICO HF-81 has the tubes all numbered wrong, versus the EICO schematic where they’re correct. And so on.

Keep a close eye out when working on vintage gear! You can’t always trust the schematics.

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