The Speaker Spotter – Speakers of Craigslist – April 4th, 2014

There’s always something interesting for sale on Craigslist, especially in Seattle. Do click the titles to see the original postings with more photos and additional information if you’re interested – otherwise, enjoy the virtual window shopping! Rain City Audio is not affiliated with any of these sales; contact the respective sellers for more information. If it’s deleted, it’s probably sold already.

Today we’re featuring some speakers which are rare and nothing short of exotic – very interesting stuff!

Greybeard Audio KB22 Speakers – $800 in Renton 

Audiophile Greybeard Audio KB22 Speakers 2 Audiophile Greybeard Audio KB22 Speakers 3

Weighing in at an astonishing 115 lbs. each and with an interesting tiled case, these Greybeard Audio speakers feature a 7″ woofer and 1″ dome tweeter and handle up to 300W at 6 ohms. At that weight, these must really have next to no resonance. I’d love to hear how these sound! I know these actually sold just a little while ago, but they’re so unique they deserved including anyway.

Duntech Soverign 2001s – $6500 in Poulsbo


These astonishingly massive speakers are reportedly regarded as some of the most accurate loudspeakers in the world, with 7 drivers in a time-aligned arrangement stacked vertically and weighing in at 325 lbs. each. With such a commanding presence, these make a serious statement.

Empire Royal Grenadiers Speakers with Marble Tops – $800 in Edmonds

Empire Royal Grenadiers Speakers with marble tops Empire Royal Grenadiers Speakers with marble tops 2

These are a rare collector’s item from the 1960s and feature large cylindrical cabinets with marble tabletops. In addition to the visible drivers, there’s a 15″ downward-firing woofer in the bottom. The only trouble is, if these speakers sit without being used for many years, the woofer cone can sag out of alignment with the magnetic field and and cause poor performance. Reportedly, it can be fixed by reversing the polarity on the woofer, turning it upside down, and playing it for a while to shake the cone back into alignment although there are mixed reports of success with this approach. As long as the speakers are continually used they won’t suffer this issue but sitting for many years can cause the sag. The seller reports they don’t have a way to test them; as a part of an estate sale, I’d expect the woofer is probably suffering from sag and will need to be adjusted or replaced.

Pair of Modular Component Systems MCS 8320 Linear Phase Speakers – $65 on Vashon Island

Pair of Modular Component Systems MCS 8320 linear phase speakers

MCS was the JC Penny house brand, but in the ’70s even house brand speakers could be pretty decent. These 3-way MCS speakers feature time-corrected driver alignment.

Pair of Wharfedale PPX-1 Speakers – $60 in Northgate

Pair of Wharfedale PPX-1

These are a bit of a mystery. The seller doesn’t have much info other than they take 70W at 8 Ohms, and are 22″ x 20″ flat speakers. Are these electrostatic panels? Or a proprietary short depth speaker? Difficult to tell the date, too.

Petroff Labs Reference 3-way Speakers – $550 in Bremerton

Petroff Labs Reference 3 way speakers

Featuring 12″ woofers, 6″ midrange and a 2″ ribbon tweeter, I’m sure these interesting trapezoidal oak speakers sound as good as they look!

Polk RTIA9 Tower Speakers – $1100 in Issaquah

Polk speakers rtia9

These beastly tower speakers by Polk Audio have an interesting driver compliment – three 7″ woofers, two 5.25″ midrange drivers in their own tuned internal enclosure and a 1″ dome tweeter, these speakers are flat from 30-26,000 Hz and accept up to 500W of input power. These would be great front channels for a powerful home theatre system!

Vintage JBL C35 James B. Lansing Speakers – $1800 in Burien

Vintage JBL c35 James B. Lansing Speakers

These JBLs look to be from the late ’60s, possibly early ’70s, and seem to have a large single full-range driver installed in the cabinet. JBL’s vintage speakers are all known to be pretty fantastic and I assume these are no different.

Vintage Kenwood KL-8080X Speakers – $500 in Bremerton

Vintage Kenwood kl-8080x Speakers

These mammoth late ’70s, possibly early ’80s Kenwood speakers, feature a 5-way design in a ported enclosure with a 15″ woofer, 6″ mid, tweeter, super-tweeter, and horn with level adjustments. I’m very curious how these sound – Kenwood’s vintage products tended to be pretty well designed but I’m not familiar with these ones specifically. I do think the price is a bit high, but these have been up on Craigslist for months, the seller might be a little flexible now.

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