First Look: 1934 Grunow 750 “World Cruiser”

I’m getting ready to sell some of my radio collection to make room for new ones, but until that happens I’ve been under something of a self-imposed moratorium on new purchases. This one came up on eBay a little while ago for a steal so I cheated a bit and had it sent my way.

This is a huge tabletop radio – a “grande” coffee from my local coffee shop is provided for scale. It’s a 7-tube model using the tubes 6D6 6A7 6F7 75 76 42 80 – the AM Broadcast Band and the lowest Shortwave band are double-tuned with a single-stage RF amplifier for extra selectivity; on the two higher shortwave bands the second stage of tuning is disabled to increase sensitivity. With an 8″ speaker, it should sound pretty great. There are a couple of minor scratches on the front that will buff out nicely, and it’s otherwise original – this should be a nice, fairly quick radio to bring back to life.

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