Going Digital [Radio Manuals]

My digital copies of Rider’s Perpetual Troubleshooter manuals arrived!

In the back are the six hardbound volumes I own, out of a set of 24 total. In front, DVDs I purchased from eBay seller KE3GK for about the price of one of those manuals in hard copy. The scans are excellent quality, nearly as good as the real thing (and far better than the free scans available). And as a bonus, they also come with Beitman’s Most Often Needed diagrams through 1969, dial stringing guides for several thousand radios, and a computer indexing program to search through 16GB of documents and pull up the one I need by model number.

No more hunting for volumes when I need a diagram!

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1 Response to Going Digital [Radio Manuals]

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for the nice comment – it took months to rescan these Riders and Beitmans documents – it’s a huge imporevment over the free or cheap low -res scans available on the internet.

    Tom KE3GK

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