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Neat Little 60FX5 Stereo Single-Ended Tube Amplifier

While digging around, I came across a really simple circuit in the RCA Receiving Tube Manual describing a 1WPC stereo amplifier using only two tubes, the 60FX5 power pentodes, and a single silicon diode. The 60FX5s have high enough gain … Continue reading

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Building a Better Voltage Regulator

Glancing through my feeds, I stumbled across a note on The Paleotechnologist describing a new replacement for the venerable LM7805 linear regulator IC. It turns up in a ton of devices, pretty much anything with a medium-current 5V rail including … Continue reading

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Interested In Some Do It Yourself Kits?

I’m looking at launching some easy to use kits of the most commonly needed parts, and maybe some helpful accessories and good instructions for the Bose 901 Series 1 and Series 2. No need to order the parts individually, just … Continue reading

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Build Log and Review: Mable Audio VT-86PP Kit Hi-Fi Amp Project [Chinese Gear]

About a year ago, someone left a comment that really looked like spam on one of my pages advertising a web store selling tube audio gear and parts for guitar and audio amplifiers. Against everything I’ve ever learned about behaving … Continue reading

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Short Project: DIY Hose Clamp Coat Rack

I’ve been needing a coat rack for a while. I live in a cold enough climate where you need a coat or jacket for at least half the year, and I have 3 or 4 that make the rounds depending … Continue reading

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