Wanted: Vintage HP 1400-Series Vertical Amplifier Plug-Ins for Oscilloscope

I’m looking for plugins for my HP 143A Wide-Screen Mainframe Oscilloscope which I’m in the process of restoring. I’d love to run it as a 15″ high speed X-Y display, and to do so needs matched vertical amplifier plugins in each bay. If you have any of the following HP plug-ins from the late 1960s/early 1970s available and wouldn’t mind parting with some of them, please write and let me know!

Plugins 1


I’m primarily interested in the 1402A dual-trace vertical amplifier, as I already have one, but will consider purchasing any of the other 1400-series amplifier and time-base plugins.

This mainframe is interesting because, with the correct set of plugins installed, it could feasibly be a dual- or even quad-trace X-Y display; most X-Y displays are limited to a single trace.

These are some of the other amplifiers and their specifications:






If you have any vintage HP 1400-series plug-ins for sale, or know where to find some, let me know!



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4 Responses to Wanted: Vintage HP 1400-Series Vertical Amplifier Plug-Ins for Oscilloscope

  1. I’ve got a 143a with plugins I’m trying to sell. Where are located? Do still interested? I think one is the 1402.

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