The Speaker Spotter – Speakers of Craigslist – April 18th, 2014

There’s always something interesting for sale on Craigslist, especially in Seattle. Do click the titles to see the original postings with more photos and additional information if you’re interested – otherwise, enjoy the virtual window shopping! Rain City Audio is not affiliated with any of these sales; contact the respective sellers for more information. If it’s deleted, it’s probably sold already.

Avid Corporation 100 Speakers – $60 in Auburn


Made to compete with the Advents out in the same era, these 1974 speakers feature a 10″ woofer in an acoustic suspension cabinet and a CTS phenolic ring tweeter for the high-end. That’s a pretty common driver configuration on early/mid ’70s high-end speakers. The woofers on these feature a butyl rubber surround, rather than foam, so it will never rot. They’re likely due for a crossover refresh after 40 years, though.

Dynaco A25 Speakers – $175 in Edmonds


These Dynaco speakers are from the very early ’70s and have a very understated styling. They feature a 10″ woofer and 1.5″ tweeter in an aperiodic enclosure. These are towards the entry level of Dynaco’s model line, but are very well regarded. Here’s a great page with some information about that speaker family.

Bose 601 Series III Speakers – $650 in Everett


I have a set of Bose 601 Series I speakers, and the design is virtually unchanged between the Series I and the Series III. The port is moved and the cabinet styling is slightly different with the sloped top, but the basic configuration is identical – two 8″ woofers and four 2″ tweeters in a direct/reflecting array mounted on top. These speakers are sensitive to room position, but are very life-like and musical – almost as good as the 901s.

Klangbox/Telefunken RB66 Speakers – $225 in Edmonds


I can’t find much info about these on the Internet. They’re 4 Ohm speakers that will accept up to 20W of input power, and looks like there might be a 6″ or 8″ round driver and a 6×9″ driver under there. Telefunken equipment is interesting and fairly well regarded; these 1967 Telefunken speakers might be worth something. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s only a few pairs of these around this country.

Fisher 15″ Speakers – $50 in Bonney Lake


The Fisher name had a good pedigree at the beginning of the hi-fi era but were trending downwards by the ’80s. These were a high end model, though, with 15″ cloth/rubber woofers for good bass response. The pricing is realistic and they can get pretty loud – great garage or man-cave speakers. I do like the styling of the high-end pedastal cabinet Fishers like these.

Dahlquist M-905 Speakers – $275 in Everett


These bookshelf/satellite Dahlquists are a bit smaller than the massive DQ-10s but can deliver great sound nonetheless, and these come with their original packaging and a set of 16″ speaker stands to sweeten the deal. These would make a good desktop speaker system, or compliment your home theater.

Vintage Heathkit AS-18 Speakers – $200 in Redmond


From the late ’60s or early ’70s, these speakers were produced by Heathkit for the hi-fi enthusiast who also enjoyed DIY projects. Visually, they look similar to most other early ’70s speakers – but this model is special as the drivers are all Electro-Voice drivers. These are occasionally compared with the EV-7 speakers. Definitely unusual, and they probably sound great, especially when paired with a tube anp!

Vintage Pair of Realistic Nova-6 Speakers – $30 in Belltown


Another speaker from the mod ’70s, back when Radio Shack/Realistic did make good hi-fi products, these Nova-6 lattice grill speakers take up to 45W. They’d go great with a period amp like a Harman/Kardon 430 and would make a killer vintage system.

Technics 7000A Speakers – $650 


Technics is usually made a lot of low-end gear – but they produced some very interesting and innovative top-of-the-line models like these 7000A speakers. They’re a 3-way design with a 14″ woofer and time-aligned mid-range and tweeters and level controls on the top end. They look pretty impressive, too. I’m not impressed with their frequency response curve, but I’m very curious what these sound like.

Seeburg Discotheque DDS1 Speakers – $500 in University Place


From the late ’60s, these Seeburg speakers – from the company more well-known for jukeboxes – were used in live sound environments. They’re basically Altec Lansing VOTTs in a different cabinet, with two 15″ Altec woofers and the exponential multi-cell horn and driver. Extremely accurate and efficient, I bet these sound absolutely fantastic – and that’s a killer price. I’d buy them if I didn’t already have enough speakers!

If you’re in the market for some new speakers, please click through to the sale ads and contact the sellers! Good luck!

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2 Responses to The Speaker Spotter – Speakers of Craigslist – April 18th, 2014

  1. Mike LaRoux says:

    The Seeburg speakers are loaded with an Altec 811 horn and driver, the woofers are not Altec they are Utah 12 ohm 15″ speakers coupled with a cheesy basic crossover.Sadly these speakers do not sound that great. I wanted a pair for quite some time and was very disappointed when I finally found a pair. That said, SOUND IS AN OPINION ! You might love them.

  2. Stephen Fretz says:

    Those Seebergs are a screaming deal!

    I own Dahlquist M905s and think they’re terrific, but the asking price is at least double what the market supports.

    The Dynaco A25 is a classic; sounds wonderful with tubes, with rich creamy alnico magnet tones. Price is probably market-correct, unfortunately. The A35 is even better, BTW, the A50 … is too much a good thing. The later “XL” versions have ceramic magnets and aren’t quite as magical.

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