The Speaker Spotter – Speakers of Craigslist – March 21st, 2014

There’s always something interesting for sale on Craigslist, especially in Seattle. Here’s a selection of especially notable vintage speakers and other audio products for sale on the local Craigslist. I’m not affiliated with any of these sales, but if you’re interested, you should contact the seller through the respective Craigslist page! Do click through each of the titles – the original postings contain a lot more information and many more photos, along with the seller’s contact information to request more information. If the ads are removed, the speaker probably sold, so don’t be alarmed if some links don’t work. Try searching for the keywords as sometimes they expire or are reposted.

Today we have several unusual boutique hi-fi speakers, plenty of vintage JBLs, and an interesting set of Klipsch La Scalas designed for stage use.

Cerwin Vega Speakers – $125 in Olympia

Cerwin Vega Speakers

Cerwin Vega speakers are known as great rock speakers that can handle a ton of power and pump out a lot of bass. I’ve owned a pair and they are great performing, general use speakers. The iconic red foam surround and solid wood grain are very attractive and eye-catching, too.

DCM TimeWindow 1A Speakers – $200 in Ballard

DCM TimeWindow 1A

I understand DCM Time speakers to be nice and accurate, if a bit understated, but I’ve not heard them myself. Based on the cabinet design I expect these might be bipolar speakers? Looks worth investigating!

JBL 4330 Custom Studio Monitors – $3000 in Eguene, OR

JBL 4330 Custom Studio Monitors

If you’re into music production, or just like an extremely accurate listening experience, these might be for you. They feature the iconic biradial “butt cheeks” horn and what looks like it could be a 15″ woofer. I’m sure this is both powerful and great sounding.

JBL LE-8 Vintage Speakers – $299 in the Renton Highlands

JBL LE-8 Speakers 1

JBL LE-8 Speakers 2

A throwback from the modern reference quality JBL above, these are very vintage JBL bookshelf speakers with a single full-range driver installed. I’m sure they’d sound very warm with a matching vintage tube amp or low powered transistor amp up to a couple dozen watts, but might not have the same clarity and definition you’d get with a slightly newer, multi-driver speaker system.

Klipsch La Scala LSI – $1500 in North Bend

Klipsch Lascala LSI 1

Klipsch Lascala LSI 2

The Klipsch La Scala is another of their high-end folded horn speakers; these are the LSI variant which are designed to be stage speakers with detachable treble horn cabinets. The seller claims these were never hauled around to gigs, though, and are in great shape. The same great sound from a Klipsch folded horn, but in a bit more industrial of a package.

Revox AX5-4 Speakers – $295 on Seattle’s Eastside

Revox AX5-4

Revox AX5-4 2

From 1977, I’m not familiar with this brand, but they’re reportedly using high-end German manufactured drivers; a 3-way design with dual woofers can probably offer plenty of bass. The mid driver resembles the Infinity polymer dome, too. Rated for 100 W power handling at 4 Ohms, 91 dB efficiency these seem like they’d be worth checking out. I’d love to listen.

Snell C IV Speakers – $399 in the Renton Highlands

Snell C IV Speakers

These Canadian hi-fi speakers have some interesting engineering in them, including a zero diffraction grill which is designed to be more sonicly transparent, and an interesting dual tweeter design with a front-firing tweeter on a fourth-order crossover, and a rear-firing dome tweeter on a first-order crossover. This combination apparently delivers great accuracy from the front while the rear – which can be disabled – fills out the volume lost due to the steep crossover slope.

Totem ARRO Speakers – $800 in Auburn

Totem ARRO Speakers

These no-frills 2-way audiophile speakers look like as much of a decor statement as a music piece. They’re “wife friendly” and yet regarded for excellent bass response and well defined imaging. I’m not sure it would match every decor but it’s very pretty.

Universal CX-300 Hi-Fi Speakers – $140 in Everett

Universal CX-300 Hi-Fi Speakers

Universal CX-300 Hi-Fi Speakers 2

These early ’60s drivers throw back to the coaxial design which was more common at the time. With 25W of power handling and meeting the DIN Hi-Fi spec of 40-18,000 Hz frequency response I bet these sound great with a period tube amp like they would’ve used originally.

Vintage JBL L88 Nova Loudspeakers – $400 in Tacoma

Vintage JBL L88 Nova Loudspeakers

Vintage JBL L88 Nova Loudspeakers 2

These are beautiful speakers which look to be from about the early ’70s. I’m sure they sound fantastic like most JBLs, especially vintage JBLs, and would make a perfect vintage hi-fi bookshelf or desktop system that would look great in almost any room.

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