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I’ve finally added to my sidebar, all the other radio- and audio-related blogs I read. If you like what you see here, go check some of them out for more of the same! AC8JO Antique Radio Blog Arcane Radio Trivia … Continue reading

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Referred Radio Repair: 1950 RCA 9X561

A friend I’ve made through the antique radio community is also a repairman himself, but ran into some scheduling difficulty with a piece of work on his bench and referred the chassis over to me for service while he dealt … Continue reading

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An interesting mystery disc discovered.

I stumbled across an interesting post over at Arcane Radio Trivia where the author discovered an old Home Recording Acetate, in bad shape, but still intact enough to recover some information. From around or before 1940, these “phonograms” were used to … Continue reading

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HP ProBook 1415s Salvage Project

I recently came up with 3 mostly-stripped HP ProBook 1415s laptops that were being thrown out. They’re decent little machines – WXGA (720p) screens, dual-core AMD processors with decent onboard graphics and HDMI output. I have compatible laptop memory and … Continue reading

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First Look: 1934 Grunow 750 “World Cruiser”

I’m getting ready to sell some of my radio collection to make room for new ones, but until that happens I’ve been under something of a self-imposed moratorium on new purchases. This one came up on eBay a little while … Continue reading

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Spotty GPS is Interesting

I’ve just returned from Whistler, BC  for the season-ending weekend on the downhill mountain bike park, and wanted to track my progress using Google’s free My Tracks application which records your GPS position on the map for review later. I’ve … Continue reading

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