Firestone 4-B-31 “Roamer” Car Radio [In Progress]

Just a short update to show what I’m working on right now. Other priorities have gotten in the way of actually updating this site over the last week, but things are still going on in the background!

One project up on my bench is a 1951 car radio, a Firestone 4-B-31 “Roamer”. It’s a 6V radio that uses a vibrator power supply and 6 tubes to receive the AM band, and should clean up pretty nicely once it’s finished. I’m repairing this one for a client I met locally who is building a rat rod out of 1920s-1960s car parts.


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1 Response to Firestone 4-B-31 “Roamer” Car Radio [In Progress]

  1. jason says:

    That faceplate is jus classic, I’d love to have one of those..

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