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Building the SSTRAN Part 15 Low Power AM Transmitter Kit

Have a bunch of old tube radios, but nothing good on the air in your area? That’s a common problem, and SSTRAN has the solution! I just built one of these to give as a gift, and thought I’d write up … Continue reading

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What’s been your most difficult challenge at work, and how did you overcome it? [Crazy Boat Connections]

I was swapping war stories with another technology professional the other day and we got to talking about our “best problem” scenarios. I happen to have an interesting story from my days as IT Manager of the Las Vegas Casino … Continue reading

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Showcase: Homemade 1930s-Style AM Radio Transmitter

Fellow radio hobbyist Jon the Grimm built this beautiful “homebrew” AM transmitter using tube technology, in the style of an original 1930s radio transmitter. Operating under Part 15 regulations, his transmitter has achieved a short range – perfect for feeding … Continue reading

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