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1930s Vintage Detrola 335 Radio Repair

Repairing this Detrola 335 was a major detective project with only a partial schematic after it was hacked on was a major project, but this radio cleaned up nicely and came back to life after tracking down all the faults, including replaced components, undocumented modifications, and a failed thermal switch. After adding an eye tube per the owner’s request, this fantastic art deco style tabletop radio is going to play beautiful music for many years to come. Click through for many more photos and schematic snips of the repair process!

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Close-Up of a Magic Eye

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Magic Eye Tube Spectrum Analyzer

French hobbyist Sylvain came up with a fascinating project using 8 Magic Eye tubes from old equipment to make an audio spectrum analyzer. I’ve worked with magic eye tubes quite a few times, they’re very fascinating. Originally precursors to CRTs, they’ve found … Continue reading

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