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555 timer teardown (and a Retrovoltage drum trigger project)

Ken Shirriff’s blog has a fantastic and detailed teardown of a 555 timer, the ubiquitous decades-old timer circuit that turns up in so many places: If you’ve played around with electronic circuits, you probably know the 555 timer integrated circuit, … Continue reading

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What does everyone read?

Other than Retrovoltage (obviously!), what are your favorite electronics and tech blogs? Leave a comment with what you’re reading these days!

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Like Classic Receivers? Check Out This Blog

If you’re reading this, you’re probably at least somewhat interested in vintage stereo gear, since that’s a huge amount of what I work on. There’s a lot of it out there! I just discovered a great new blog that showcases … Continue reading

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Idea Poll: A tutorial on buying parts online?

Once again, I’ve been asked “Where do you buy your parts?” and that’s a question that comes up very regularly. (My answer?, of course.) I’ve heard from quite a few people over the years that can be intimidating for new … Continue reading

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How to Read Capacitor Codes

I ended up with a massive stash of mil-spec CDE Mica caps recently, and was searching for a refresher on decoding their military part numbers like “CM05FD221GP3”, since the caps came marked for their values but not their voltage ratings. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Retrovoltage!

Radio & Television News, December 1954

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What’s On Your Workbench?

People ask me what kind of gear I use at Retrovoltage and at Rain City Audio for projects. So, here we go: While it’s by no means the best-equipped workbench out there, it has a good mix of lab- and service-grade … Continue reading

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