Coming Soon: KN0CK and KF7LZE RTLSDR Receiver Rev. 5!

Edited 6/10/2014: Now for sale directly at!

I’m proud to announce that in just a few days, in cooperation with KN0CK will be releasing Rev. 5 of the popular RTLSDR Integrated Upconverter with a brand new design and smaller form factor!

This new design will feature a lower price-point and is designed for operation in direct sampling mode for improved flexibility across the entire frequency range. It contains the familiar Mini-Circuits MAR 8 wideband amplifier, to deliver unprecedented weak signal performance when paired with a quality receiving antenna setup.

Available NOW!

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2 Responses to Coming Soon: KN0CK and KF7LZE RTLSDR Receiver Rev. 5!

  1. S Frady says:

    I checked the website and they still only show v4. Do you know when v5 will be released?

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