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Oscilloscopes – A Look Inside

Reader Brandy left a comment on my gift oscilloscope with a great cutaway infographic about how oscilloscopes are build from Tektronix. Check it out in full size here.

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Hardware Pong Mod Makes Smaller Paddles

While browsing Hack-a-Day, I ran into an awesome hack for the original Pong game. One enterprising hobbyist built his own Pong from scratch following the schematics. It’s a big job but it’s manageable since it’s all discrete logic. I’ve just … Continue reading

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Depression-Era Radio: 1934 Grunow 460 Tombstone

I’ve had this Grunow 460 sitting in my queue pending for a little while and it’s finally on it’s way home looking great! There was a fun extra bit of detective work to identify and solve the issues that came … Continue reading

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Magic Eye Tube Spectrum Analyzer

French hobbyist Sylvain came up with a fascinating project using 8 Magic Eye tubes from old equipment to make an audio spectrum analyzer. I’ve worked with magic eye tubes quite a few times, they’re very fascinating. Originally precursors to CRTs, they’ve found … Continue reading

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Previous Repair Work

It’s interesting working in a radio that’s been repaired before in its life. The quality of the work varies greatly. I’m working on a Grunow 460 (which will be written up later) and I found a late 1930s repair attempt … Continue reading

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