Need 45V batteries for your old radio?

Rayovac has been making batteries for over 100 years, and their batteries were commonly found in use with many types of battery-operated tube radios. Most commonly, radios would operate on 45V batteries with a tap half-way (for 0-22.5-45V). Two in series would give you 67.5V and 90V for bigger radios. This style has been out of production for many years, but Rayovac has a good modern replacement for the older Type 783 batteries, the 45V-HD.


It has connections for a modern connector as well as the old-style connections:

tab2 tab1

If you have a ’20s or ’30s battery radio, and want something more original than using a stack of 9V cells, this looks like a good bet!

Yours for $19.95 with free shipping from Amazon.

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