Phase Linear 2000 Pre-Amp Overhaul

Cross-posted from Rain City Audio:

I had a Phase Linear 2000 through my shop lately. It was running okay, but had some pops and clicks and the controls weren’t all that smooth. Time for an overhaul before anything worse cropped up!

This is a pretty fancy pre-amp made to be used with the Phase Linear 4000 power amplifier. It has a variable level output to be paired with a fixed input amplifier.

After fixing it up, I found this one to have a neutral, tight, almost laid-back sound without any extra embellishment. It was very nice – and part of that is owing to the very simple design.

The underside of the single-sided board Quality construction for the era. The bank of switches is an open design which gets gummed up easily but control cleaner easily solved that problem.

Of course, a pre-amp like this deserves nothing but the best: Nichicon Fine Gold series electrolytic capacitors.

The matching power amplifier will come up for service soon, so stay tuned! This Phase Linear is good as new and another piece of gear from the height of hi-fi is saved.

Rain City Audio Stereo Repair


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