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Evidence of Past Repairs

It’s always interesting to see what’s happened with equipment that’s been worked on previously. It’s often a mixed bag with some great repair jobs, some that have a lot of room for improvement, and some that really just don’t measure … Continue reading

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September Update

Welcome to KF7LZE! I’m an amateur radio enthusiast and freelance electronics technician. I write this site with a goal to make it easy and enjoyable to put together electronics projects and perform your own repairs to save money, have fun, … Continue reading

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Bose 901 Series II Equalizer #96399 Repaired

Repairs have moved! To have your own equalizer repaired, visit Rain City Audio. It’s now a self-service process! I generally write about the 901 Series I equalizers which come into my shop for repair. That’s natural – the Series I is … Continue reading

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