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1959 Zenith C845M High Fidelity AM/FM Radio

This radio repair is cross-posted from Rain City Audio

This classic 1959 Zenith C845M radio came into the shop for a full repair after sitting unused for some time. It has the classic late ’50s styling, and a dual speaker high-fidelity design.


It’s an 8-tube radio with a 35C5 output tube good for maybe 3W of maximum output, but it has great sound quality.


Inside, it’ Continue reading

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1958 Zenith Royal 500 Portable Transistor Radio Repair

This 1958 Zenith Royal 500, an early 8-transistor portable AM radio, came into my shop for a complete overhaul. I replaced several badly out of spec capacitors, added some insulation to correct a short circuit in two of the batteries and gave it an alignment. This is a perfect radio to take to the beach or the park while listening to a ball game, just like they’d have done back then. Many tear-down photos inside!

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1938 Zenith 7-S-363 Repair

I just finished a new project over at Rain City Audio – 1938 Zenith 7-S-363 Repair

This Zenith radio was brought in by its second owner after original parts catastrophically failed. It took a while, but after an extensive electrical overhaul and locating some replacement parts, it looks and sounds fantastic and will play beautiful music for many years to come. “Zenith, the quality goes in, before the name goes on.”

Check it out at http://www.raincityaudio.us/blog/1938-zenith-7-s-363-repair! Continue reading

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