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  1. Marc Toppen says:

    Is that $600 to overhaul that Marantz 2270 for the whole job??? Oh are saying parts .and labor are extra . or a separate price on top of the $600??

  2. Alex Yong says:

    Hi. Was hoping this could be appraised. What I have is a better variant of the item in that post circa 1978, and it’s made by the same maker. You all the way in the Pacific Northwest? Got an NYC area equivalent by any chance?

  3. Lani says:

    I was given a vintage radio many years ago and all it does is follow me around from place to place taking up space. I was wondering if you would be interested in it. No charge, do with it whatever you want. I would love to give it to someone that knows how to bring it back to life and give it a second chance if that is possible. It is a general electric cabinet style, no idea what year.

    • jwk says:

      Hi Lani, that sounds great! I’ll send you an email shortly.

      • Lani says:

        What will the email subject be so I make sure I know don’t delete it by accident.

      • Lani says:

        Still have not received an email from you jwk. We would like it gone as soon as possible because we have contractors coming to do some work and it is in the way. I will be reposting it on other sites as first come first served.

  4. Mark Olson says:

    Thank You so much for replying and giving me a lead to follow.

  5. Mark Olson says:

    I also need a replacement volume control for a Grunow radio like the one you repaired,can you tell me where you sourced it at? 250K w/tone tap.

    Thanks Mark

    • jwk says:

      I honestly don’t remember for the Grundigs. Mark Oppat at specializes in vintage controls, though, I’d see about getting in touch with him.

  6. Eapen Chacko says:

    My unit is in NY, Westchester County. I know there is a German repair community on Long Island from many years ago. Any suggestions?

  7. mark says:

    looking for help fixing a pioneer pl 1000 a turntable can you help me 253 880 9475

  8. Nick dingess says:

    Could you contact me about fixing a Bose eq,thanks nick

  9. Kevan Moore says:

    Hi had contacted you before about work on a pioneer sx 1280 receiver. I don’t remember if you got back to me. I need repair to the stereo mono switch. The switch it’s self needs to be replaced due to the metal portion the knob slides on to is broken and knob won’t stay on and also there is a bad connection in the mechanism its self. I have to move lever around to get clear connection. The mechanism its self also is no longer soldered inside it flops around. I’m looking for a estimate and the eta to complete the job. Thanks

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  11. Paul Fletcher says:

    I have a 39-7214 chassis from a old 40’s Philco the transformer has burnt out. Can you find one and repair it?

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  14. Kevan Moore says:

    Hi, I’m looking to have a rebuild done on a working pioneer SX-1280
    Also work done on a pioneer PL-530 Turn table. Get back to me if you can do job and at what cost, thanks.

  15. Barbara says:

    Barbara :
    I have my grandfathers Admiral,
    I tried to clean it with an alpurpose cleaner…now it needs a miracle,
    the wire was frayed, so I took it off…
    I hear you are a miracle worker…

    how do I send you an e-mail to send you a pix?

  16. Barbara says:

    I have my grandfathers Admiral,
    I tried to clean it with an alpurpose cleaner…now it needs a miracle,
    the wire was frayed, so I took it off…
    I hear you are a miracle worker…

  17. Greg says:

    I have an old Zenith Model 9-s-367. I believe some of the bands have broken as it won’t dial tune. The push buttons work fine.

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  19. jwk says:

    I can’t say I’ve worked on that model, although I’d be willing to take a crack at it next year – my bench is full up for the next couple of months unfortunately or I’d do it sooner! I’ve spent a few minutes glancing at the schematic and it’s complex but not unmanageable.

  20. Chuck Thompson says:

    Have you ever done repair work on a DBX-3BX Dynamic Expander? I recently replaced one I had that had dropped out the right channel. My new unit is working fine but one never knows when repairs could be needed. Also helps to find a repair source for any potential issues on these “old technology” units.

    Chuck T

  21. cindi santos says:

    I have a Zenith Trans Oceanic Royal 1000. 1957
    It was in great working condition but during shipping from Florida to Washington something must have gotten knocked loose. The dial (to change stations) no longer turns or only like a half inch. Is this something that can be fixed somewhat easily?
    Thanks for any advice. Looking forward to your response.


  22. jwk says:

    Phil, two possibilities. One is that lubricant has congealed around the shaft, where it passes through the chassis and the body of the control. The second is that the body of the control is similarly gummed up from dust, grease, tar (if the radio was from a smoking home, as many were in that era) or just plain mechanical degradation. Since you’ve been able to loosen it, but only with heat actively applied, you’ll probably have to remove the control from the circuit entirely, open it up, and clean/replace. I disassemble and internally clean a volume control in this article: but I generally just recommend replacing the control entirely if it’s a more-or-less standard part as this will deliver better long-term results. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  23. Phil Caruso says:

    I have a grundig 4040 radio circa 1955 . The volume control is stiff. I spray it with everything but it still remains stiff. I heated it with a heat gun and that loosened it but as it cooled down it stiffened again. I might heat the shaft with a soldering gun . Any suggestions?


  24. daniel alpern says:

    contact me if you would work on a grundig satellit 2100

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