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Project Epsilon: Linear Regulated Power Supply from Spare Parts

Belgian engineering student Gert-Jan built a great looking, and functional, linear regulated power supply for a test bench from an old radio transformer and a handful of supporting parts. This is a pretty nice looking adaptation of the common LM317-based … Continue reading

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New Blog Link: JM Radio

I stumbled across this blog while browsing recently and just had to share. It’s similar to this one with more focus on transistor radios: JM Radio, based out of Indonesia. The author has quite a collection of transistor radios he’s … Continue reading

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Important Note About “Heartbleed”

This is a bit outside the normal repair shop posts you find here, but it’s important: A coding mistake that has existed for several years in one of the fundamental libraries used by about half of all servers on the Internet … Continue reading

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September Update

Welcome to KF7LZE! I’m an amateur radio enthusiast and freelance electronics technician. I write this site with a goal to make it easy and enjoyable to put together electronics projects and perform your own repairs to save money, have fun, … Continue reading

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Partsim: Circuit Simulation Made Easy

I came across Partsim, a free and easy to use circuit simulator that runs in the web browser, and would definitely encourage you to check it out if you’re looking for a tool to design and simulate circuits.   It … Continue reading

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Listen to Ham Radio Online with the ETGD WebSDR

I just discovered the fascinating Wide-band WebSDR operated by the amateur radio club ETGD at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. PA3FWM built a fascinating wideband SDR using a Xilinx FPGA, high-speed ADC and gigabit Ethernet interface to receive … Continue reading

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Odd Web Site Behavior

I’m moving towards hosting the majority of my content on an on-premises server, versus the mix of hosted services I’m using currently. I’ve been running into some issues, though, that maybe one of you who is reading could help with… The … Continue reading

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