Best IoT Dev Board?

I’m looking into getting started with my own IoT project — in my case, I’m interested in building a security system which takes a few different inputs into account – potentially including some ML image recognition – before deciding what actions to take including sending alerts, triggering alarms or lights, and similar.

To do all this, I’m going to need some sort of a small development board that will run an OS and offers some connectivity options. GPIO? SPI? RS232?

I have an Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 to help with some of the ML bits if needed. But I know almost nothing. Maybe I should start with a Raspberry Pi or similar and get my sensor interfaces working?

Happy to take suggestions, I have no experience in this area and want to start off in the right direction!

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  1. nickhansenrf says:

    As a radio guy, I would pick based on your plans for interconnections. Single unit, Wired, wireless, or long range wireless.

    For a single unit obviously you can just grab an RPI 4 and a camera and get to work. Still probably one of the best options for your ML plans.

    For a wired system use Arduino nano or something similar. Cheap, low power, and you can integrate sensors. If GPIO won’t get you the range you need you can grab an RS232 transceiver.

    If you want bluetooth/wifi range, use the ESP32. It’s dual core, lots of power. Not too expensive, and you can program it with Arduino. Sparkfun carries a breakout. This is likely what you want based on the scarce detail you provided.

    If you need longer range… LORA is the way to go. Sparkfun also carries an ESP32 based LORA gateway, which is pretty cool.

    good luck

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