1938 General Electric G-56 Repair

From the Rain City Audio Repair Blog:

Rain City Audio recently had the occasion to work on a 1938 GE radio, the model G-56. Since these are rather large floor model radios, the owner removed the chassis and speaker from the cabinet to bring in for easy transportation.




This is a straightforward little radio with the AM and Shortwave band, and a row of 6 station presets on the left. It was in all original condition when it came in, although someone had replaced the volume control in the past.


Underneath, this one got an assortment of new resistors and capacitors, a new volume control, and had an upgraded antenna post and an aux input jack installed.


Lots of parts came out of this one!


Works and sounds great!

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2 Responses to 1938 General Electric G-56 Repair

  1. Chris Dautremont says:

    Recently dumpster dove this model.
    It works.
    Is there a dial light,and is there a simple replacement for it?

  2. David DeRosier says:

    Nice Job. I am working on my 21st Radio since I retired in 2012. A Zenith Console from 1937.

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